Diesel generator set fuel saving common sense:
Usually, many users will pay close attention to the fuel consumption of the generator set when using the diesel generator set. How can we save the monthly oil for the unit? Here are a few ways to save fuel for your reference:
1.Purification of diesel oil Generally, diesel contains a variety of minerals and impurities. If it is not purified by precipitation filtration, it will affect the work of the plunger and the fuel injection head, resulting in uneven oil supply and poor atomization of the oil, resulting in engine power. It will also drop and fuel consumption will increase. Therefore, it is recommended to leave the diesel oil for a period of time to allow the impurities to settle. When adding the oil, filter the funnel and filter. Then clean or replace the filter regularly for purification purposes.
2.Eliminate the carbon deposits of the various components. During operation, the diesel engine is attached to the valve, valve seat, fuel injector and piston top. These carbon deposits will increase fuel consumption and should be removed in time.
3.Keeping the water temperature The temperature of the cooling water of the diesel engine is too low, which will cause the diesel to burn incompletely, affecting the power and also wasting fuel. Therefore, it is necessary to use the insulation curtain properly, and it is preferable to use the soft water containing no minerals, such as flowing river water, for the cooling water.
4.Do not overload work When the machine is overloaded, it will emit black smoke, which is fuel emissions that are not fully burned. As long as the machine often emits black smoke, it will increase fuel consumption and shorten the service life of components.
5.Regular inspection, timely repair To achieve eyesight, hand-work, regular or irregular inspection of machinery, maintenance, faulty and timely maintenance, do not let the machine work in case of failure. Instead, it caused even greater losses.

Reasons why diesel generator sets do not generate electricity:

1. Measure whether there is real electricity, and replace the voltmeter with the generator.
2. Hit it automatically or manually.
3. Check and correct according to the line map.
4. The new generator or the machine that is not used for a long time is easy to appear. It can be magnetized according to the recharge button on the control panel, or the excitation winding can be magnetized with a 12V battery, the positive pole is connected to F1, and the negative pole is connected to F2. If the voltage cannot be established, Switch the battery positive and negative poles and try again.
5.cleaning is the surface of the ring, sanding the end face of the carbon brush to make the area of ​​the arc with the surface of the collector ring more than 70%, strengthen the spring pressure.
6. clean carbon brush and carbon brush grip so that the carbon brush can move freely.
7. Check the forward and reverse resistance of the diode with a multimeter, such as damage replacement.
8. Check with a multimeter and replace if the forward and reverse resistance does not meet the diode characteristics.
9. The diesel generator set uses the multimeter 1K file to check the winding. If the resistance value is infinite, it should be turned on. Then use 1 Euro file to check. If the resistance value is zero, replace or process the winding. If it is unstable, check if the connector wiring is loose.

Generator failure and cause:

1.the control panel indicates that the voltmeter is bad
2.The "automatic-manual-de-excitation" switch on the control panel is in the de-excitation position (automatic generator set function).
3.Wiring error.
4.no residual magnetism or residual magnetism is too low.
5.Poor contact between carbon brush and collector ring or insufficient pressure of carbon brush spring (three-wave brush motor).
6.carbon brush holding rust or toner stuck carbon brush so that the carbon brush can not move up and down (three wave brush motor).
7.The rectification on the excitation rectifier board has an open circuit or a freewheeling diode short circuit (three-wave brushed motor).
8.The rotary rectifier module is damaged.
9.diesel generator winding or excitation winding broken or poor contact.